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House Captains

Meet our House Captains


The role of House Captain is a position of responsibility within the School community. It is important, therefore, to possess the following basic characteristics:


•  To be a positive role model in terms of attitude (being enthusiastic, committed friendly and positive with       all students and staff.

•  To have excellent attendance, behaviour, manners and appearance at all times.

•  To liaise with other House Captains and the staff team.

•  To organise House meetings and communicate clearly and effectively with all members of the House            team.

•  To help organise and support House activities including Inter-House Competitions such as Sports Day.

•  To support and model positive behaviour after assembly and around the school.

•  Collect, monitor and announce House Points.

•  To be available for ‘out of school’ events such as fetes, after school bake sales etc.

•  To support the staff team with jobs as and when necessary.

•  To wear the House Captain’s or Deputy House Captains badge with pride.

House Captains are elected every year. House Captains are elected from Ash 6 with each House having a boy and a girl representative elected by the whole school. We have one representative per House elected from Oak Trees.


1.  Any child wishing to become a House Captain will need to write a speech outlining why they feel they             should be elected listing personal and other qualities.

2.  They will then read the speech to the whole school during an assembly.

3.  Ballot forms will be prepared with each prospective House Captains photo next to their name.

4.  Each child and staff member in the school will have a ballot form and will place a tick beside two                       candidates in their house whom they feel would be a good   House Captain. They will do this privately,             however some of the younger children may need a little support.

5.  Once all the votes are counted, a group consisting of the Assistant Head   teacher (Pastoral) and the               Learning Mentor will count and announce the House Captains.

6.  Captains can be re-elected.