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Our intent


Our curriculum aims to provide children with a creative curriculum through a thematic approach which allows children to be immersed in their learning. As a school we aim to ensure our children are well educated, proactive, resilient, happy and healthy individuals who have been cultivated to have a love of learning which will create a solid knowledge base along with the skills to enable them in all their future endeavours. 


We aim to achieve this through a curriculum which is accessible to every child and will increase their cultural capital through a child centred, creative and dynamic set of bespoke learning opportunities which will enrich them as human beings and allow them to leave Parkway Primary with a solid breadth of knowledge supported by transferable skills. 


Our school follows a thematic approach where children are able to make connections in their learning with planned activities allowing children to build knowledge and skills. These themes progress through each year group and are primarily based around areas of the History/Geography curriculum which is supported by a core text. 


Within our resource provision, children have the opportunity to access the curriculum through a cycle system known as ‘Pathways’. Children in Oak 1and 2 follow a three year cycle which covers the EYFS and KS1 curriculum and Oak 3 and 4 cover a four year cycle covering the KS2 curriculum. This approach allows children the opportunity to access the National Curriculum in smaller manageable steps.

How we implement our curriculum

Parkway Curriculum Map


What does your child learn at school? Below is our whole school curriculum map, this interactive map provides detailed information about what children learn in each subject area in each year group.


Note - this map is interactive, please click the contents page or subheadings to take you to each area of the map. 


Subject areas


As well as our whole school curriculum map, we have also outlined how we progress through the National Curriculum in each subject in each year group. Please click on each subject area to find more information on or our school's individual subject aims and details on each progression map. 


Note - these maps are interactive.

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly