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Autumn 2 - Festivals and Celebrations/Colour/Healthy Eating


This term we will be looking at different themes covering Festivals & Celebrations including Diwali and Guy Fawkes, Colour and Healthy Eating.  We will be looking at the various traditions followed and developing our own creative ideas based on these.  We will also be looking at our lifestyle choices through healthy eating and the importance of staying fit.  The children will be visiting the local post office in December and details of this will be sent to parents in the coming weeks.  


Below is our medium term plan which outlines the Early Years curriculum learning objectives for this term.  Also attached is a vocabulary list which details some of the words and phrases which we will be learning about.  Please go through these with your child and include them in your day to day communication in order for your child to widen their language skills and apply in the correct context.  


Our End of Term Expectations document is attached which outlines targets for your child to aim to achieve by the end of this term.  These expectations go towards fostering independence for your child as well as widening the learning which the children are engaging with over the next few weeks.  

Autumn 1 - All About Me


The children have settled well into Nursery and are actively beginning their learning journey.  The children are working towards understanding the boundaries and expectations at Nursery and are working well with each other, sharing their ideas and resources.    


We have been carrying out lots of exciting and engaging activities based around our termly theme 'All About Me' and have already created some amazing artwork.  We are beginning to talk about ourselves and our families and friends and are working as a team within Nursery.  

Welcome Ash Nursery - September 2021


This week is the first week for children in Ash Nursery.  We will be transitioning in the children over the next few weeks and are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.  This page will be updated over the term with photos of your children's learning and other relevant information. 


Below is information relating to what the children will be learning this term and also our expectations of what the children are aiming for by the end of this term. 


We begin our school year with a topic entitled 'All About Me' and look forward to sharing Nursery's journey with you all. 

Autumn 2021 - Medium Term Plan

Our End of Autumn 1 Term Expectations