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Ash 5

Welcome to Ash 5 


Class Teacher - Ms Murphy

LSA - Mrs Williams 


This spring term we our theme is 'Awesome Egyptians'. We are going to be learning about the ancient Egyptians.


Our focus book is:



We are going to:

  • Use dates to order and place events on a timeline.
  • Compare sources of information available for the study of different times in the past.
  • Make comparisons between aspects of periods in history and the present day.
  • Understand that the type of information available depends on the period of time studied.
  • Evaluate the usefulness of a variety of sources.
  • Present findings and communicate knowledge and understanding in a variety of ways. 
  • Provide an account of a historical event based on  more than one source.
  • Give some reasons for some historical events


Our work:


On Friday 12th January we had 'Egyptian Day' where Ash 5 took part in a workshop all about Ancient Egypt. Pupils learned about the Egyptian Gods through drama and teamwork. We also got to have a go at writing some hieroglyphics.



We have been looking at Ancient Egyptian artefacts and using role play to demonstrate our understanding of life in Ancient Egypt.


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