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Welcome to our Governors' section. 


Governors are elected to serve, on a voluntary basis, for a four-year term.


Governors meet each term as a full Governing Body in addition to formal Staffing, Curriculum and Finance & General Purposes Committees plus various sub-committees such as on performance management on an adhoc basis.


The Governing Body comprises staff, parents and members of the

community – all committed to supporting Parkway Primary School towards becoming an outstanding school.


Each governor has particular skills and is fully involved in the strategic decisions made -- with the sole aim of providing the best outcome for each and every pupil.


To enable us to fulfil this role, we undertake external and school-based training throughout the year.


We, too, are constantly learning with and from the children.




As well as being part of the leadership and management of the school, we are its “critical friend”.


To understand and question, in depth, information provided by the Headteacher regards finance, staffing, curriculum and premises etc


To understand and challenge decisions based on that information to ensure that the school is getting the best value for money and the best environment in which the children can learn.


To understand and support staff and children so that they can act on those decisions in order to achieve their true potential in a safe and positive environment.




Parents will have seen that the Governors also make regular visits to the school . During these visits, we can see first-hand the work in the classroom and how the children are progressing.


At this point, can I say that I am continually amazed at the kindness, respect and positivity of our children. Not only have I seen this but I have been approached by people outside the school wanting to praise their behaviour.


The last year has seen some changes: in staff, the new MLD unit and the new classes which will see us become a two-form entry primary school in September 2018.


We all welcome the addition of the MLD unit and it is a pleasure to see that the integration of both parts of our school has gone so smoothly.


We are a good school and are continuing to progress to an outstanding one.



It is to the credit of the children and all the staff that this is in spite of the disruption of the building works. Their enthusiasm continues unabated as does the determination for all children to be the best they can be and be fully prepared for their future life.



Dee Higham


Chair of Governors

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We are asked to publish on our school's website whether any member of staff receives a salary of £100K or receive increments of £10K. This is to confirm no member of staff is paid this figure.