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Ash 1

 Welcome to Ash 1 



Welcome to Ash 1's class page!

This term our topic is The wider World. This topic is related to our core reading book, 
The Lonely Beast by Chris Judge

 We will be learning about places around the world from cities, to parks, the sea/seaside and woodlands in our hunt to help the Lonely Beast find his kind.


In history we will be learning about how the seaside has changed over the years, using our comparison skills.  


In Science we are going to continue learning about the seasons, focusing on Summer. Alongside, learning about the structure of flowering plants including trees. 



Summer 2 Term 

Our Core book this half term is The Lonely Beast  



Can you please check you have your children’s clothes and not anyone else’s. We have a few items which have gone missing. If you do happen to have another child’s clothes come home by accident, could you please return them. To make it easier for us to relocate lost clothing, can you please make sure that all of their clothing is labelled.

Thank you,
Miss Parsons


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