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At Parkway Primary School, we believe that all pupils have the right to celebrate music through a wide range of musical genres and to develop their understanding of the history of music as well as the skills they need to be a successful musician. Through well planned and structured lessons, educational trips and extra- curricular activities, such as after school clubs, pupils are supported to develop their musical abilities and express themselves in a safe environment. Pupils have access to a range of instruments to support their composition, improvisation and performance skills.


Music is taught to every child from Nursery to Year 6. Our Music curriculum offer is exciting and varied and uses  the scheme ‘Charanga’ which stimulates the creative nature of our children and ensures that they receive the best in musical education. Whole school singing is delivered weekly by an external specialist vocal coach, where the children learn a variety of songs including complex part singing. Pupils in Year 4 receive specialist music lessons from an external specialist music teacher where they learn an instrument together to perform at the Royal Festival Hall. In Oak 1 and 2 classes, pupils receive a music therapy session every week from an external music vocal coach. Every week, the school joins together in an assembly and spends a few minutes learning either about a ‘composer of the week’ or a theme, for example, musicals, and listening to a different piece of music every day.


Outside of the classroom, we have a KS1 and KS2 choir who perform in assemblies and concerts in school throughout the year, annually at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s Southbank as part of the Bird College Summer Festival of Music concerts, as well as having performed on a number of occasions at London’s O2 Arena in the world famous ‘Young Voices’ concerts. 

Please click to the link below to see how our Music teaching progresses throughout each year group. 

Music skills progression map