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Class Teacher - Mr Attard 

LSA - Ms Hennessey 


This summer term, our theme is 'Passport to Europe'. 


In Year 4 this term, pupils will delve into Geography by focusing on Europe, the continent where Britain is located. They will learn to locate Europe on a map and identify its countries, including Russia. Additionally, they will expand their understanding of global geography by exploring the seven continents and the oceans surrounding them. Through this exploration, the pupils will gain knowledge of different places and environments beyond the UK, considering how people's qualities of life vary across different locations.



Our focus book is: 




Year 4 MTC test




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Mr Attard's revision pack

MTC practice


Summer term homework


How can I help my child at home? 



  1. Spellings: The children will receive a list of spellings at the start of each week.  These will be tested every Friday. The children need to practise their spellings. You can find the weekly spellings on Google Classroom and on the classroom window. 
  2. Times Tables: Quick recall of times tables is key to being a good mathematician as it is needed in a lot of maths areas- not just multiplying! The children will be issued with a timetable at the beginning of each half term. This will inform them  which times table(s) they need to practise each week. They need to practise in their times tables books-although additional oral practise is always useful too! Times tables will be tested on Wednesdays
  3. Reading: Whilst the majority of year 4 children are competent decoders, it is essential that they read regularly. The government benchmark for all children from Key Stage 1 upwards is that they can read an age appropriate text at a rate of 90 words per minute. This takes practise! Whilst you may not hear your child read everyday, it is still essential to listen them regularly and to share their ideas and thoughts in order to check their understanding of vocabulary and comprehension skills. Reading journals are checked once a week to ensure that they are reading at least 5 times a week. The children may record this themselves but we would ask that an adult signs the book to confirm that the child has read. The children need to have both their reading journal and reading book in school every day.


Letter on multiplication checker for June -Important reading.