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Ash 2

Ash 2 

Welcome to Ash 2's class page! 


Our class teacher is Miss Kourouni

ISA is Ms Rogers


PE days - Thursdays and Fridays


The focus of the learning is to develop pupils' execution of an underarm throw and to extend their understanding of why we need to be accurate when we throw.

Key questions

How do we throw underarm?

Why must our partner make a target when we are throwing?

Why do we need to be accurate when we throw?

Why do we need to look before we throw?

How do we know if our partner is ready to receive the ball?

Describe how we underarm throw.

What is the consequence of throwing away from our partner's target?


Through the Gates: Accuracy Challenge 
Develop throwing skills. In pairs, pupils throw their ball through their gate (cones.) Do pupils aim when they throw? Recap why we need to create a target with our hands when we are catching. For an underarm throw to be successful, pupils should step forwards with one foot, releasing their ball with the opposite hand from low to high. Use HA examples of pupils who apply the correct underarm throwing technique. Who can throw accurately to their partner's targets?


This half-term our theme is 'Victorians'. We will be learning about the life of a Victorian, the amazing Queen Victoria and her family, and impact she had on this era.


We will Describe significant historical events, people and places in their own locality.

 Our core book is.....