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Design Technology

At Parkway, our vision is for all children to succeed, no matter of circumstance and to learn to achieve. This is a defining part of the vision for DT, this subject is an opportunity for all children to succeed and use their skills to create excellent projects, it is a well resourced subject with specialist areas for children to create their work. There is a set layout for DT lessons at Parkway and this structure is based on the National Curriculum. 


Lessons in EYFS, KS1 and Oak trees are laid out as Design lessons then making the product and then the evaluation lessons. KS2 is similar however before designing children take part in research of existing products or market research for items they wish to produce. Each DT unit is linked to the theme that the year groups learning is based on. An example of this is Year 6 where the overall topic is World War 2 and so Year 6 must create a meal from ration ingredients. 


We as a school are excited for you to see all of the children's outcomes and the excellent products and outcomes which they produce and are sure children will thoroughly enjoy their learning in this practical, useful and engaging subject. 


Please click to the link below to see how our Design Technology teaching progresses throughout each year group. 


Design Technology skills progression map