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At Parkway Primary School, we understand the importance of early reading on the overall education for a child and as a school, we follow 'Letters and Sounds' for our teaching of Phonics. Phonics is taught daily from Nursery-Year 2 with all classes following a 5 part structure that includes - revisit, teach, practise, apply and review.  


Our aim is for all children to be both ready to take their Phonics Screening assessment at the end of Year 1 and to become competent readers by the end of Key Stage One. Because of this, we dedicate time each day to the teaching and learning of Reading and Phonics. This includes both daily Phonics and Guided reading teaching, the use of all ISAs once per day in Year 1 to support the Guided reading session and work with the English Hub to support our delivery of quality first Phonics teaching. 


Please click to the link below to see how our Phonics teaching progresses throughout each year group. 

Phonics progression map