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Welcome to our Governors' section. 

The Governing Body is a team drawn from staff, parents and members of the community who are committed to supporting Parkway Primary School in its journey to becoming an outstanding school.
Governors are elected to serve, on a voluntary basis, for a four-year term. Each governor brings particular skills and plays their own part in the strategic decisions made - with the sole aim of providing the best outcome for each and every pupil.
As well as being part of the leadership and management of the school, we are its "critical friend". A role which involves us in asking in-depth questions on the very detailed information provided by Mr McBride (Acting Head Teacher) and his staff during our regular meetings on finance, staffing, curriculum and premises. To enable us to fulfil this role, we undertake training provided by the local authority as well as participating in school-based training.
This year has been amazing in terms of progress and attainment. Statistics show the school to be at or above national standards and this is due to the tremendous work of Mr McBride and his staff - not only in terms of teaching but also in raising the enthusiasm of pupils to achieve.
We are sure that you (like the Governing Body) are delighted with the progress made thus far but Staff and Governors are determined to keep up the momentum to reach the "outstanding" level; and to enable every pupil to be the best they can be.

Dee Higham

Chair of Governors
Parkway Primary School

Our Governors

Our Governors 1 Mrs D Higham
Our Governors 2 Mrs A Rogers
Our Governors 3 Miss R Hutchins

Terms of reference for Governing Body and Sub Committees