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Sports Premium 2016-2017

Action plan and planned spending record 2016-2017 (£8870)

Area of focus

Action Point

By whom?

Effective use of funding

Time/cost /resources

Evaluation and impact on children’s progress

Teachers confidence in accessing all aspects of the PE curriculum and to teach consistently good/outstanding PE

Develop CPD and ensure this has been delivered across the school to show sustainability.

Particular focus on ensuring NQT’s have confidence and skill through extra support and CPD.


To use learning walks to ensure teaching is consistent throughout the school.


Use of teacher voice to discuss areas of concern so we can support staff.

All teachers to attend twilight sessions with Catherine Fitzpatrick.


Training to be delivered by Miss Brookman who feels confident to share taught ideas from PE specialists (Athletics and Games)


Teachers to attend CPD courses including subject leader to then transpire through whole school CPD.


New PE subject leader to attend CPD through SLA.

Use of the SLA sports premium package through Bexley.


CPD with outside professionals to enhance teaching across the PE curriculum. NQT went on training for PE.




Teacher release time


PE subject leader attendee a course on how to be an effective PE leader


Catherine Fitzpatrick did demo lessons in Gym and games.


Catherine Fitzpatrick for multi skills/ athletics teaching.


Bexley council




Under SLA package

















Teachers will be able to consistently give good/outstanding PE lessons ensuring all children are able to meet national requirements for the end of key stage outcomes.


Teachers completed a staff survey to begin 2016-2017. We have 2 new members of staff and 2 teachers confident in teaching PE have left, and a new MLD unit where teacher’s confidence in physical development has dropped.

56.7 % of teachers show they are not confident in teaching various areas of the PE curriculum, with 1 teacher confident enough to deliver CPD on maternity leave until Easter.


The new survey showed that 75% of teacher now feel good about teaching PE in most subjects.



Pupil voice: Children’s enjoyment particularly with Year 6 and a gymnastics focus.

Develop staff’s knowledge for gymnastics and confidence across PE curriculum.


Subject leader to transpire gymnastics CPD throughout teaching staff.



Courses for CPD through SLA and teacher release time included from above. Attended Catherine Fitzpatrick Gymnastics session. Did whole school input on what I learnt.

Opportunities for teachers to team teach in gym.













Year 6 in particular will have greater attainment and enjoyment in PE (current focus class due to unhealthy lifestyles).




To ensure all equipment is appropriate and children are able to access all areas of the curriculum.


Including kit to ensure children take part each lesson.

We will purchase new equipment to ensure children are all able to access equipment during the PE lesson and sports clubs.

PE subject leader.

New equipment and increased participation through lessons and clubs. Netballs, basket balls, rugby balls, tag rugby belts and different sized bean bags were ordered.

Netball and coloured bibs ordered.








Children can access more areas of the curriculum and use the equipment to help build key skills across all year groups particularly through extra-curricular sports to ensure children are continuing competitive involvement.

To enhance participation and fitness in PE through new clubs and different activities for the least active children.

New clubs have been designed to include all children including specifically targeting children for a Change 4 Life club. This will enable children to enhance their fitness and participation in PE also using new assessment framework from last year showing key children to focus on.


Wider range of sports taught including clubs.


More intra house competitions and an increase in inter house

· Football

· Dodgeball

· Netball

· Rounders

· Rugby

· Athletics

· Swimming

· Hockey



To work collaboratively with a local self-defence club.


Teachers after school clubs to include a wider range of activities/sports.





Tournaments to be arranged every term (3 per year) by subject leader, with teachers running tournaments for their Key Stage.


At the end of every sport teachers include a tournament.


Children will be given a variety of sports and physical activities to take part in.

External coach coming to the school to do Karate as an after school club (£300)

Year 5 and 6 to be offered subsidised Karate for half a term (£300)

5 a day bought so that children can do 5 minutes of exercise in a day to promote activity (£240).




The least active children can be identified and health and well-being can be promoted to these children to raise fitness levels.


New clubs for children to access and increase participation in physical activity. (2015-2016 48% of children attended a sports club in Summer term 2)


Attendance Autumn Term 1:

Football Y3 and 4: 21

Dance KS2: 23

Netball Y5 and 6: 18

Football Y5 and 6: 25

Gym Y1 and 2: 27

Total: 114 = 50.4%


Attendance Autumn Term 2:

Football Y3 and 4: 21

Dance KS2: 23

Netball Y5 and 6: 18

Football Y5 and 6: 25

Gym Y1 and 2: 27

Total: 114 = 50.4%



Attendance Spring Term 1:

Football Y3 and 4: 21

Dance KS2: 23

Netball Y5 and 6: 18

Football Y5 and 6: 25

Gym Y1 and 2: 27

Change for life: 8



Attendance Spring Term 2:

Football Y3 and 4: 21

Dance KS2: 23

Netball Y5 and 6: 18

Football Y5 and 6: 25

Gym Y1 and 2: 27

Change for life: 8


To encourage sport through competitive sport both in school and against schools in the local area.

More inter house tournaments set up so children are able to access competitive sports at all levels and to increase participation for all pupils across the school.



All teachers to take part in inter-house tournaments through the school.


Club specialists to accompany children to matches in the local area.


Release time for teachers to accompany children to sporting events.

Went to Netball tournament and

A new selection of children was taken to Quad kids athletic events.

Children travelling to Danson park for Orienteering event.


Upcoming event for Key Stage 1 multi skills.



Children can participate in more competitive sports including tournaments and mini games ensuring a better understanding of Olympic values and increased participation above normal PE lessons.


Autumn Term 1: Intra house tournaments each class

Inter house tournaments; Netball High Five League

Minor Bexley football cup



To increase and raise awareness of healthy lifestyles.

A sporting week will be set up again to enhance children’s understanding of athletes, increase participation in sports and to give all children a chance to compete through more intra house competitions.


GB athlete to attend and interact with the children.


Use of intra house sporting tournaments to encourage participation in sport.

Teaching assistant took some children to train to become change 4 life leaders. Started change 4 life club.


Children will be selected to monitor the level of physical activity at lunch time.


Children will have a better understanding of healthy lifestyles and how to increase their well being.


Healthy living assemblies and competitions will ensure children are aware of how to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating (Linked to Change 4 Life).

Assemblies by Assistant Head teacher and Leader of Learning for PE



Wider opportunities for children to participate in sport across the school.

A wider range of sports after school clubs designed to give all children a greater choice and chance to attend. These will include:

o Gymnastics

o Netball

o Football

o Games club

o Dodgeball

o Self defence

o Boxing

Teachers to run sports clubs and use of outside coaches to work on team teach with staff.


Orienteering equipment to be put up around the school.

Children are able to access a wider variety of sport.









Greater participation through sport in school giving all children a chance to access areas of the curriculum that may not be taught during PE lessons.


Bronze school games mark currently under assessment.

To ensure children are able to meet requirements at the end of Key Stage for PE

Children in Year 5 did not meeting swimming standards. These children have had swimming lessons in Year 3 for a term, Year 4 for 2 terms and Year 5 for the year (3 terms).


Year staff and pupils

Year 5 to now attend swimming lessons all year to ensure all children can meet the national curriculum goals.


£20 per child per term


71% of children (20/28) did not meet the swimming standards last year. All children will meet national requirements for swimming by the end of Year 6.

To use a new scheme of work by Catherine Fitzpatrick to enhance current scheme.

To ensure teachers are confident in demonstrations and activities for each area of the curriculum in the framework, using the video footage and interactive scheme to guide them.

Catherine Fitzpatrick


Miss Brookman and Miss Counter to CPD with other teachers.

CPD for teachers and sustainability of games and activities across the school.

£1350 (TBC)

Teachers confidence will improve and sustainability of CPD through school.











Total: £ 8,869.90