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2019 - 2020


Home Schooling


Please check Google Classroom for  teaching resources.


If you are struggling to access Google Classroom please contact the school and we will give you

our full  support.




General ideas about working with your child at home.


Make sure that your child continues with Reading Eggs


The order is up to you but I would suggest that you include the following

a period of exercise -


Try to keep lessons short and sweet with regular breaks or chillouts in between


Craft - Check Twinkl and Pinterest for ideas. You could work on a summer theme or circus following our term’s theme.


You could also practise independence skills: cutting with scissors,  putting on shoes, doing up buttons, doing up zips, tying laces.


Here is a more straightforward way of tying laces - give it a try. 


Here is the alternative with the two loops 


Traditional method and other fastenings such as buttons and zips 


Please sign up for PurpleMash - it is free and has weekly activities for you to enjoy- click on the featured tab.  You need to register and follow the instructions in the email to bring up this screen. (Use eyfs and year 1 resources to start with)


Mindfulness is also useful - they may need a mindfulness session before starting work to allow them to be more focused.


Activities could include building construction, colouring, playdough modelling, jigsaws, etc.

Music is available on youtube (make sure that you are monitoring ads)


Reading and phonics

The children have been set up with the Reading Eggs app.  This is bespoke training that I have set up for the children and you have been sent through the login. (please let me know if you need me to send this back out to you) - is free to log into the username is march20 and password is home

click on the phase to select appropriate resources - phase 2/3 for early readers phase 4/5 for more confident readers - the children like the flash card games and also games like buried treasure.


busythings - - you should be able to login using your child's school login if not you can register for free trial.

Phonics is in literacy, communication and language - there are loads of interactive games and resources here for you.


Twinkl - - has lots of phonics resources that you can access for free.


Additional DfE’s validated phonics programmes are:

Free audio books 


Storytime with Nick

Videos of lots of lovely stories -



Practise counting with your children and get them to practise writing their numbers - particularly numbers that they are not yet forming correctly.

Dot to dots are good for number recognition.

You could use a ruler and measure things or make cakes and practise measuring with cups or counting out spoonfuls of ingredients.

Play dominoes, snakes and ladders or other games that use dice or move with counters.

When you are playing games or keeping fit try counting along.

See how many teaspoons/forks are in the drawer, sort the bricks into different colours and see how many there are.  Which has more/less?  

Which toy is bigger/biggest/ heavier/lightest?

Count in twos -


There are counting and shape songs on youtube (make sure that you are monitoring ads)


Iplayer has maths resources such as number blocks

counting cars -


Topmark has lots of interactive games -


As does busythings - you should be able to login using your child's school login if not you can register for free trial.


Classroom secrets also has lots of general resources including maths 

Also worth looking on


Spring 2

This term we will be exploring animals and  their habitat. World Book day is coming up so I will be working with the children to explore the  book Into the Forest by Anthony Browne.  The children will be continuing looking at what makes us unique and discussing how our differences make us special. We will be investigating Christianity starting with Shrove Tuesday and Lent.  We will be making pancakes and masks for "Carnival".  Leading up to Easter we will be looking at the work of Faberge in Art and making decorated eggs.  This term the remaining children will be visiting a local cafe and we are hoping to arrange our farm visit for just before the Easter break so that we can see the baby lambs.

Friday 13th March - We enjoyed joining Oak 1 to help them feed the school chickens

Spring 1

Spring 1 curriculum

This term we will be exploring animals and  focus on dinosaurs and prehistory. Internet Safety day is coming up so I will be working with the children on keeping safe.  The children will also be focusing in on what makes us unique and discussing how our differences make us special.  In Art we will be making portraits and also celebrating Chinese New Year.  This term the children will be visiting a local cafe.

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 Curriculum
This term we will be exploring light and space.  This will include looking at the festivals and celebration including Firework Night, Diwali and Christmas.  The children will be visiting the local shops and we have organised a trip to the theatre.

Autumn 1

Autumn 1 curriculum

Oak 4 have settled back into school after the holidays. We have been spending time getting to know each other.  


Homework will be given out on Fridays to be completed and returned the following Friday.


Reading books will be given out on Mondays to be changed the following Monday.  Please make sure you read with your child, then comment and signing the reading record.


PE is inside on Wednesday and outside on Friday.  Please make sure that your child has suitable footwear (socks, plimsolls and trainers) and tracksuit bottoms as well as shorts.


Healthy snacks can be sent in - fruit, raisins, cereal bars, etc. and a bottle of water.





The children have been working hard in maths.

We have be practising our handwriting and learning our capital letters

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