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At Parkway Primary School, we teach the children a range of different PSHE topics, these topics support them with forming relationships and skills that will support them throughout their lives. We teach them invaluable life skills, such as understanding money and the importance of responsibility and setting goals. 


A typical PSHE lesson will happen once a week and this will involve lots of discussion and children will be encouraged to share their opinions. We will also encourage lots of role-playing different scenarios and work will be portrayed in different ways e.g. posters, power points etc. to allow all children to partake and show what they have learnt. There will also be lots of links with the PSHE curriculum to the other subjects e.g. learning about healthy and unhealthy diets. 


We celebrate the children’s achievements through class assemblies, displays and the star of the week award as well as praise during the lesson. 


Please click to the link below to see how our PSHE teaching progresses throughout each year group. 

PSHE skills progression map