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Spring Term 2


This term our topic is 'Mini Beast Mayhem!'  We will be learning all about the creepy crawlies in our outdoor environment. Through sensory play we will be exploring the different features of insects and also be making and tasting some worm soup - with spaghetti! We will also be developing out technical skills by using ipads to take pictures of insects during our mini beast hunt.


In RE lessons we are looking forward to tasting pancakes and learning about Shrove Tuesday and in PE this half term we are developing ball skills with our feet. Look out for photographs of us learning our new skills across the curriculum!


Miss Wills

Oak 1 Teacher

Tuesday 17th March - So far this week we have been learning about ladybirds. We have looked at numbers and matched the correct number of finger prints with our teachers helping up. On Monday we went to a storytelling session. We are developing our fine motor skills through a variety of activities such as threading beads on pipe cleaners - a great activity to try at home! We have also explored different materials using our hands (touch) including shaving foam and playdough.

Friday 13th March - This week we have been learning about different mini-beasts. We enjoyed printing with plastic mini-beasts and paints! In the sensory room we used our fingers to pop bubbles. We finished the week by feeding the school chickens. We like to see them run around and we enjoyed moving around in the area. Thank you to Mr Martin who is looking after the area and supporting us with feeding the chickens!

Tuesday 10th March - Some of the pupils enjoyed integrating into mainstream.

Friday 6th March - This week we have had lots of fun learning! On Tuesday we engaged in our weekly singing session delivered by an external vocal coach. It's so much fun to clap along and learn the actions to songs. We liked going on the field to collect sticks ready for World Book Day. Today we enjoyed sensory play and looking for pigs in the straw. In maths we are learning to put jigsaw pieces together. We are becoming more independent in developing our life skills. We regularly walk around the school. During PE sessions we are encouraged to dress ourselves and are making brilliant progress at kicking a ball!

5th March 2020 World Book Day - Today we celebrated World Book Day. We enjoyed learning the story of 'The Three Little Pigs' through listening to a book read to us and an interactive story on the computer. We enjoyed using straw and pictures to make a house for the little pigs which we will enjoy playing with tomorrow!

28th February - This week we have had lots of fun learning! We have been exploring numicon to help us learn with our counting and number recognition. We have also explored new equipment in the sensory room. In PE we are learning to kick a ball.

Thursday 27th February - Today we saw snow! It was so exciting. We went outside and used our senses to explore the snow using our hands to touch and feel. We also tried to catch snow flakes on our tongues!

Spring Term 1


This term our topic is 'On the Farm'. We will be learning about different farm animals including the sounds they make, what they eat and their young. We continue to have an external music specialist that visits Oak 1 each week to deliver high quality music sessions and therapy with the children. 


In phonics we are continuing to learn a sound each week and we are blending the sounds we have learnt to start to hear and read words. During daily maths activities we are building on our current number and shape knowledge during personalised teaching and learning. 


We hope you enjoy looking at all the learning we are doing. Please look regularly for photos.


Miss Wills, Miss Tate and Miss Hilton

Friday 14th February - Oak 1 and 2 trip to Kassiopi Cove - We had so much fun developing our physical skills during the play session. It was also fun for us to make new friends!

Wednesday 29th January - We used our senses to explore cooked noodles. We liked to pick them up and watch them drop but they did feel a little bit slimy!

24th January 2020 - We enjoyed banging, shaking and making music with our friends in Oak 2

Friday 24th January - This week in maths we have been learning to match 2D shapes. In PE we are learning to crawl through a tunnel. It was so much fun!

Friday 17th January - Today we went to see the school chickens. We had lots of fun giving them their food!

Wednesday 15th January - This week we have been developing our self -help skills. We are learning to be more independent in daily routines. The staff are helping us to put on and take off our coats with more independence.

Wednesday 8th January - We have settled back well and are looking forward to all the learning that is planned for this term. This week in phonics we are learning 'o'. We have been practising the formation on the interactive whiteboard. We have already begun to learn about different farm animals and the sounds they make through a picture matching activity. Today in sensory play we explored farm animals in jelly. It felt squishy and sticky and smelt very tasty!


Autumn Term 2

This term we are excited to go on our first trip out to Kassiopi Cove with our friends from Oak 2. During the visit we will get to build our friendships and develop our physical skills and also have lots of fun in the soft play centre! We are becoming more independent with our learning through completing daily workstation activities. In the afternoon we love to take part in sensory play and activities which help to build relationships with our peers. 


Look at this page regularly to see how we are progressing with our learning!!


Miss Wills, Miss Tate and Miss Hilton 

Wednesday 18th December - We had so much fun at our Christmas activity afternoon. Our parents were invited to join us and we enjoyed showing them how we learn in Oak 1. Together we made melted snowmen biscuits, snow globes and decorated our painted stockings. Happy Christmas from all the staff and pupils in Oak 1!

Christmas Jumper Day - Raising money for Crisis!

3rd December - We have been developing our fine motor skills and co - ordination through a range of activities such as threading and posting shapes.

29th November - Today we developed our gross motor skills in PE through climbing up and down apparatus.

28th November - This week we have been learning the 'i' sound. We have been practising to form the letter on the interactive whiteboard. In DT we made our own musical instruments using cardboard tubes and dried pasta. We decorated the instruments and listened to the sound the pasta made as we moved the tube. We liked to watch flour being shaked over numbers and then watch the marks it made! What a fun week of learning we have had!

22nd November - We have had another busy week in Oak 1. We have been learning to recognise and order numbers in maths and using a pencil to colour patterns in our handwriting sessions. We also enjoyed developing our gross motor skills in the hall with bean bags and hoops.

20th November - We have been so busy this week learning new skills. We are beginning to co-operate and learn together during gross motor building sessions. This week we are learning 'd'. We have practised forming the letter through different sensory experiences. We have also engaged in music sessions and role-play with play telephones.

15th November - Computing Day. We explored programming a Beebot toy. We liked to watch it move and listen to the sounds.

13th November - Today we went on an autumn walk to collect leaves. We enjoyed exploring the outside environment. When we got back to class we made leaf rubbings using crayons.

11th November - Remembrance Day - Today in Oak 1 we took part in a 2 minute silence at 11am. We sat on chairs and watched images to reflect the meaning. In the afternoon we used different materials to make a poppy.

8th November - We joined our friends in Oak 2 for a trip to Kassiopi Cove. We were able to develop our gross motor skills during the visit. We made new friends during the trip. We had so much fun and can't wait to go again!

7th November - We used a variety of skills to create art this week. We used carrots to make marks with paint. We also used a range of materials to create a sensory decoration on an old CD! We enjoyed looking at the colours it created in the light!

6th November - This week we have been learning the letter 'c'. Look at us forming the letters to the song!

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5th November - Sensory play

5th November - We really enjoyed using paint and glitter to create firework pictures. We used cardboard tubes for stamping and our fingers to mix the different coloured paints. We are so proud of our work!

4th November - We used a variety of resources to develop our fine motor co-ordination. We liked using tweezers to move objects to a different bowl.

1st November - It has been a very busy first week back! We have been learning new skills through our workstation activities. We are beginning to learn how to play alongside each other and we loved exploring the sensory blocks together. In PE we are learning to kick a ball.

31st October - Today we made toast. Our teachers helped us to make it and then we buttered and tasted it! Toast starts with the sound 't' . The sound we are learning this week!

31st October - Today during phonics we learnt how to form the letter 't' correctly. We listened to the rhyme and practised on the interactive whiteboard.

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30th October - We have settled back into school routines well. This week we are learning the 't' sound. We have practised the letter shape through different experiences including the interactive whiteboard and magnetic boards. We are also using threading and stacking activities to help our fine motor development.

Important Information


  • PE is every Friday morning. Please ensure your child has a fully named kit (white T-shirt, black shorts/tracksuit bottoms, plimsolls or trainers).
  • Your child will receive a reading book every Friday. Please take time to share a book for 5-10 minutes every day and make a comment in the reading record.
  • Help your child develop their independence by encouraging them to become independent everyday tasks e.g toileting, putting on their coat, washing their hands etc, If you need any advice please speak to a member of Oak 1 staff.
  • It is important that your child understands the importance of keeping healthy. We offer your child a snack everyday however if your child is particularly fussy with their food then you can provide a piece of fruit or a healthy alternative (no nuts please).




  • Please check your child's contact book everyday. If there is anything we need to know that may affect your child's day at school then please let us know via the contact book. It is not always possible for staff to discuss matters at the gate at the beginning of the day.
  • Please ensure ALL uniform/property is named. If any items are not named we cannot guarantee a safe return.
  • Please provide your child with a named water bottle. The pupils have access to their bottles throughout the day and we refill when necessary.


Autumn 1

The pupils have settled in well and are all very excited about the journey ahead of us. Please come and look at this page regularly to see what they have been learning about in Oak 1.


Miss Wills, Miss Tate and Miss Hilton

16th October - Today we engaged in activities to continue to develop our fine motor skills and co-ordination. We used a pencil to make make marks on paper and used tweezers to move pasta from one bowl to the other bowl.

11th October - We are learning to sit on a carpet spot before our PE lesson. We are experimenting and developing our skills with a range of balls.

11th October - We are enjoying copying moves to help us develop our gross motor skills and get us ready for our learning.

9th October - Sensory play - We explored the feel and texture of baked beans!

4th October - This week we have been learning new skills whilst we have been completing our workstation activities. We also explored the concept of floating with rubber ducks in water. In PE we have started to learn how to sit on a carpet spot at the beginning of our lesson.

4th October - We enjoyed meeting Mr Monkey. He made us laugh a lot!!

2nd October - In Science this week we observed and explored a floating balloon. We also experienced different textures of materials by exploring cooked spaghetti. It was messy but very fun!

2nd October - Today during handwriting we made marks using magnetic boards and pens. We practised making lines and circles with the pens. We liked looking at the marks we made with the magnetic pen!

27th September - This week we have have enjoyed making music in the outdoor area. We are continuing to learn how to use coloured discs to help us with our daily routines around the school.

26th September - Making marks in flour. A little messy but lots of fun!

25th September - Sensory exploration - Today the children explored the feeling and texture of cereals. They loved the feel and sound as they crushed it in their hands. They enjoyed picking it up and watching it fall. The children practised using tweezers to try and pick it up. They had so much fun - the staff did too!

Week beginning 23rd September - We are learning to recognise letters and numbers. This week we are using inset puzzles to help us look at the shapes of the letters and numbers to match shapes in the puzzle board.

Friday 20th September - Making Toast - Today we made toast. We practised spreading butter and jam. The toast was very yummy!

Friday 20th September - Art/DT Day. In Oak 1 we use old plastic drinks bottles to make a sensory bottle. We put water in the bottle and then added glitter and sequins. We really enjoyed shaking them and seeing all the colours swirl around in the bottle. We even got to make one to take home!!

The children in Oak 1 have continued to make excellent progress in settling into their new class.The children have enjoyed lots of sensory experiences , such as water spray during the routine weather song! We are using coloured coding spots to help us find different places in the school and we are even beginning to learn to line up!! We love going to the sensory room and exploring the sounds and lights. This week we have been been learning to complete an activity at a workstation. We have be learning to complete a 2 piece puzzle.

Tuesday 10th September - Today we explored making marks in shaving foam. It was very messy but so much fun!!

Monday 9th September - We are settling in well and have begun to learn the routines. We are learning new things about each other.