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Pupil Premium 2017-2018

Pupil Premium 2017/2018

Overview of the school

Total number of pupils on roll


Total eligible for PPG


Total amount of PPG received 2017/18



Number of Pupil Premium per year group


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6











The main barriers to educational achievement for this academic year

  • Children not able to access the richer curriculum outside of school
  • Exposure to richer language – communication skills/ word choice
  • Phonics knowledge/ speech and language needs
  • Reading comprehension at expected standard
  • Mathematics reasoning and problem solving at expected standard

How we will spend the Pupil Premium funding to address these barriers

  • Employ HLTA to release class teacher to work with identified children in their own classes
  • 1:1 qualified teacher to work with identified children
  • HLTA to release class teachers to work with peers for bespoke professional development
  • Purchasing new books to ensure exposure to a wider variety of vocabulary
  • Subsidise school trips and visits to ensure children can access richer learning opportunities
  • Employ qualified teacher to deliver speech and language program
  • To commission speech and language support from NHS
  • To commission phonics consultant to further develop good practice in the teaching of phonics
  • Intervention activities 1:1 and groups


The reasons for the above approach

The above approach focuses on the most qualified working with those with the greatest need. The aim is to ensure all children are working at the expected standard for their age. It looks at providing specialist support to teachers to further improve their practice with children with specific needs. We will be exposing children to a wider variety of books and experiences than they may have at home to expose them to wider vocabulary and learning opportunities.

How we will measure the impact

The school has invested in a new digital assessment system which allows it to monitor children’s progress both individually and in specific target groups. The monitoring of attainment and progress will be undertaken half termly to ensure what has been put in place above is having the impact that is planned to ensure children identified as pupil premium and are below the expected standard for their age have the gaps closed quickly and effectively.


The date of the next Pupil Premium strategy review

18th October 2017