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2018 - 2019

Summer 2

This term is really busy.  We will be visiting Lesness Woods to continue our exploration of the natural world.  Then the year 6 children will be taking part in the School Games Inclusive Athletics Festival at Welling School.  Later in the term we will be saying goodbye to the year 6 students with the school production, School Daze, and the Prom.  We have also had a visit from CRIBs to work on transition with the children.  The children will be practising their athletic skills in preparation for Sports’ Day. Our Science focus is on Plant Power and we have been planting seeds and focusing on their requirements for growth.  We are also discussing food and healthy eating, looking at our diet and where our food comes from.


I would like to say how much I have enjoyed working in Oak 4 this year.  It has been a real pleasure and I will really miss those that are leaving.  I wish them best of luck at their new schools.

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Summer 1

Visit to Hall Place

This term the children have been investigating the environment with a focus on animals.  We visited Hall Place with Oak 3 and took part in a bug safari and pond dipping.  The children really enjoyed looking at the insects that they found in the hedgerows, woods and bug hotel.  They were fascinated by the pond life and all took turns to collect samples.

In class we have been working hard in all our subjects.  In PSHE we have also been discussing the environment and ways that we can damage and protect it.  In RE we talked about Buddhism and this has inspired us to have a daily mindfulness session after lunch.  This has been really helpful to the children as it allows them to start the afternoon calmly and also teaches them good strategies for promoting their own well being.

In PE we have been playing rounders with the year 6 children and on Friday the Welling coach has been running football sessions with a combined Oak 3 and Oak 4 class.  This is always a very popular lesson!

Summer 1 curriculum

Spring 2

This term Oak 4 have been focused on Science. In March, they visited the Observatory in Greenwich and really enjoyed learning about the Universe.  During Science Week, they explored electricity and problem solving. They learnt how to create circuits, change batteries to make toys work and about electricity generation and safety.  They also enjoyed joining in with building a Meccano Ferris wheel and the investigating different methods to get an egg to stay on the Ferris wheel while it rotated. The children ran a stall in the Science Fair and demonstrated their projects to both parents and the other year groups. 

More recently, the children have been very excited by arrival of the chicks and showed a keen interest in their hatching and growth. They are looking forward to learning about our new chickens.

This term our topic is Switch it on and we will be investigating electricity and sound.  In Geography we will continue exploring where we live and our local area.  In History we will be looking at Ancient Greece in preparation for session on  Greek Myths - Theseus and the Minotaur.  In Art we will be exploring weaving using a variety of different materials . This term we will be visiting the Royal Observatory and reinforcing our learning about the Space and the Solar system. In PSHE our focus is on  health, wellbeing and keeping safe, whilst in RE we will be finding out about Hinduism.

Spring 1

This term our topic is Dig It Up and we will be investigating rocks, soil and fossils.  In Geography we will exploring where we live using maps and the globe.  In Art we will be looking at the natural world, making sketches and models of natural items and getting inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy for the creation of Land Art. We will be developing our understanding of Healthy Relationships and Valuing Difference in PSHE and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development with a focus on Judaism in RE. 


Spring 1 Curriculum

Autumn 2

This term our topic is Sort it Out and our focus is the materials in science.  We will also be focusing on celebrations and looking at how and why festivals including Diwali and Christmas are celebrated.  In Art and Design Technology we will be creating pictures using mixed media and using a range of modelling materials including clay and in Computing our focus will be designing algorithms . In PE we are joining with our friends in Year 6 and Oak 3 and learning hockey skills and enjoying yoga.  At Christmas we will be involved in the Christmas Carol Concert.
Autumn 2 curriculum

Look what we've been up to!

Autumn 1

Oak 4 have settled back into school after the holidays. This term our topic is Wacky World. Our focus is the weather, seasons and space. In English we will be describing the weather, seasons and space using a range of adjectives and descriptive language. In Geography we will be investigating weather forecasting and weather symbols to create our forecasts and exploring space and the planets . In Science and Maths we will be   measuring temperature and rainfall, finding out about the different seasons and researching space. In Art we will be using natural materials and creating pictures using mixed media and studying the work of the artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo and Andrew Goldsworthy. We have also enjoyed taking part in PE and working with our friends in Year 5 and 6.



Autumn 1 curriculum

We have been working hard, exploring numbers, in maths.